Who We Are

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Noelle G. Beckman, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Research interests: I integrate quantitative and empirical approaches to enhance our knowledge of the mechanisms that limit populations and maintain biodiversity in natural and modified environments. Currently, I'm investigating population spread of plants under different global change scenarios. Read more about current projects by following the links under research themes.

Eric Sodja

Eric Sodja

M.S. Student in Ecology

Research interests: Eric uses a modeling approach to investigate how plant spatial distributions and diversity influence interactions plants have with other organisms, such as insects, fungi, and mammals, and how these interactions in turn influence the distribution and diversity of plant species. Understanding these interactions is useful to predict the changes that may occur given disturbances to the system, such as species invasions, shifts in resource availability, or other environmental changes. Eric received a B.S in Conservation & Restoration Ecology and a B.S. in Economics with a minor in Geographic Information Science from Utah State University.


Volunteers & Interns

  • 2009

    Rebeca Acosta, Volunteer, University of Panama Undergraduate

  • 2008

    Julio Batista, Volunteer, University of Panama Undergraduate

    Matt Certo, Internship, Western Washington University M.S. Student

    Sophia Christoforides, Internship, University of Minnesota Undergraduate

    Amy Dickson, Volunteer, Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, Panama

    Reina Heinz, Volunteer, University of California Santa Cruz Undergraduate

    Christopher Moore, Internship, California State University-Fullerton M.S. Student

    Serica Zwack, Volunteer, Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, Panama

  • 2007

    Bernardo Lopez, Volunteer, Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, Panama

  • 2006

    Sonja Riddle-Ford, Directed Research, University of Minnesota Undergraduate

  • 2005

    Michelle Stein, Internship, University of Minnesota M.S. Student